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Today Unareti is the largest Italian multi-utility, leader in the sectors of energy, environment, heat and grids. With around 12,000 employees, it is the second largest national energy producer.



CPL CONCORDIA was awarded the contract for the “turnkey” construction of the filtration, measurement and regulation station for natural gas for the distribution grid of the city of Brescia.



The plant, with a capacity of 125,000 Sm3/h, receives the gas from the transport grid owned by Snam Rete Gas at a pressure ranging from 6 to 12 bar, through a DN 500 pipeline. On each metering line, a valve is installed downstream of the turbine flow meters that allows sequential activation of the lines according to the system flow rate. This solution, which has long been used successfully abroad, is being applied for the first time also in the Italian market.
The reduction unit consists of 4 lines with DN 150 pressure regulators and a system for remotely monitoring and managing the downstream flow and pressure. After odourisation with double injection pump, the downstream manifold (DN 600 ring-shape) is redistributed into four DN 400 output lines, three of which are to the distribution grid, and one to the G1, G2 and G3 groups producing electricity and hot water for district heating of the city of Brescia.



The system is governed by a monitoring and management system that:

  • Carries out anti-intrusion and fire prevention monitoring
  • Monitors the operational status of the system
  • Allows remote management (automatic and manual) of all the operations of the entire station and its auxiliary systems and components

The automation includes the regulation of the outlet pressure, with limitation and distribution of the flow of the various lines and with limitation of the overall capacity of the station, not to mention the variation of the principal settings (pressure/flow).


Unareti Group

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