Municipality of San Mauro Pascoli

An Italian municipality of 11,978 inhabitants in the province of Forlì Cesena in Emilia Romagna. Until 1932, it was called San Mauro in Romagna, the name was then changed to honour the poet Giovanni Pascoli, who was born in San Mauro in 1855. San Mauro Pascoli lies in the area defined by the Rubicone (north-west side) and Uso (south-east side) rivers. The small Pascoli lake sits on the latter.





The Municipality of San Mauro Pascoli needs included upgrading, technological innovation and making savings.

Since 2013, CPL CONCORDIA has been managing the municipal public lighting, traffic lights and technological systems in San Mauro Pascoli. The contract related to services for citizens that would be immediately accessible and have a significant impact in terms of quality of life.

The project was designed to fully meet the needs expressed by the Municipality. The works involve the use of high-efficiency light sources, management and control equipment and components for energy efficiency and the upgrading of installations with consequent optimisation.





The works on 2,600 lights guarantee the supply of electricity, ordinary and scheduled preventive maintenance, extraordinary conservative maintenance, fault assistance, upgrading of LED lights, executive design and implementation of initial and required works, aimed at energy efficiency and regulatory compliance.

The works carried out during the project were aimed at overcoming critical security issues and achieving energy savings, reducing light pollution and improving the reliability and efficiency of technological systems.





The main advantages of upgrading Public Lighting installations are the raising of the level of services provided, the rational use of energy through removal of inadequate, inefficient and obsolete technologies, allowing systems to be brought into line with regulations and limiting climate-changing substances.


Municipality of San Mauro Pascoli

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