Venchi means chocolate.
Since 1878 it has been one of the most prestigious brands
of the Italian confectionery industry. The traditional yet innovative company is headquartered in Castelletto Stura, a small Piemontese town in the province of Cuneo, where the production plant is situated. The company is distinguished by its passion for chocolate and careful selection of the best ingredients, every day bringing to life new creations that further expand its wide range of products.


The customer’s primary requirement is to generate significant economic savings through self-production, making the energy generation process more efficient.


CPL CONCORDIA designed a co-generation plant for Venchi powered by the local methane gas distribution grid. The gas entering the engine has a pressure of about 80 mbar.
The gas-air mixture is compressed by the turbine and cooled by the intercooler, and then enters the combustion chamber of the engine. The engine in question is an 8-cylinder MAN with a capacity of 17,200 cubic centimetres, capable of delivering a power of 502 hp needed for the production of 357 kWe and 420 kWt.
 From the plant’s entry into operation, which took place in July 2016, Venchi was able to appreciate the reliability of the machine as it has operated for more than 8,000 hours in a year and, thanks to remote monitoring, the service is able to intervene in a few hours.
With more than 35 years of experience and over 500 installed plants, CPL is the most reliable partner for the construction and maintenance of co-generation plants fuelled by methane and biogas, able to ensure the best management and maintenance performance to maximise energy efficiency and profit for the benefit of customers and their businesses.


The main benefits deriving from the service are:

  • Primary energy savings of over 23%
  • Providing for the building’s energy, economic and environmental needs
  • Environmental benefits; ability to communicate their positive impact to stakeholders



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