Telecom Italia

Telecom Italia is an Italian telecommunications company that offers telephone, mobile phone, public telephone, IP telephone, Internet and cable television services in Italy and abroad. Telecom Italia is the 7th-largest Italian group by turnover and among the top 500 worldwide.



Telecom Italia set a goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 1.39%. To do this, it acted on various aspects ranging from improving energy efficiency to the use of alternative energy sources. Among the different solutions implemented: technological improvement of air conditioning systems, modernisation of power conversion plants, use of photovoltaic and mixed wind and photovoltaic systems, adoption of energy-efficient solutions like co-generation and tri-generation.



CPL CONCORDIA designed and built 10 tri-generation plants, broken down as follows.
3 macro co-generation plants:

  • SINCRO 2000 co-generator with an hourly production of 2,019 kWh of electricity and 1,755 kWh of thermal energy
  • Absorption chiller unit, which converts thermal energy into cooling energy with an hourly output of 1,228 kWh


7 micro co-generation plants:

  • BIBLOC 240, for an hourly production of electricity of 245 kWh and heat of 344 kWh
  • Absorption chillers for 240 kWh of cooling


CPL CONCORDIA offers the customer full-service maintenance of the plant, including all materials (consumables, spare parts, lubricating oil) and specialised labour:



  • Each plant will operate for 8,000 hours/year
  • Total electricity production: 72 million kWh (equivalent to the consumption of 20,000 families)
  • Total recovery of thermal energy: 75 million kWh (or, alternatively, 52 million kWh of cooling energy)


Telecom Italia

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