The company SIPA – BINDI is a food company that produces desserts for restaurants with a production facility near Milan, in San Giuliano Milanese. BINDI is a leading company in the sector in Italy, with strong sales also abroad.



The BINDI plant occupies a total area of 30,000 square metres.
The annual energy needs of the plant are equal to 14,366 MWh of electricity and 14,644 MWh of thermal energy in the form of hot water.
The main needs of the company were:

  • Define the energy efficiency of the existing systems
  • Investigate the causes and magnitude of energy waste
  • Define the energy efficiency measures to be proposed



The energy diagnosis identified the following energy efficiency measures:

  • Installation of LED lighting in a part of the plant
  • Replacement of electric motors
  • Thermal recovery, in the form of hot water from the air compressors, to be integrated into the domestic hot water circuit

By energetically upgrading the structure, with a view to obtaining a significant benefit, a tri-generation plant will be installed with an electric power of 1.2 MWe, heating power of 1.187 MWt and a cooling capacity of 0.442 MWf, entirely used by the production facilities.

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The main benefits deriving from the service are:

  • Primary energy savings of 25.3% thanks to the installation of the tri-generation plant
  • Regular reporting on savings on energy bills
  • We help companies finance energy efficiency enhancement projects
  • Management and maintenance of the plants by the ESCo
  • Environmental benefits and consequent ability to communicate their positive impact to stakeholders



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