Municipality of Vignola

Vignola is an Italian town of 25,251 inhabitants in the province of Modena, in Emilia-Romagna, located south of the provincial capital. Since 2001, the city has been the main seat of the “Unione Terre di Castelli” association of municipalities.



Management and maintenance of heating systems, including the design and construction of a co-generation plant and underground distribution grid.



The work performed by CPL CONCORDIA consists of the following main characteristics:

  • Gas station
  • Electric cabinet
  • MV-LV panel room
  • Heat generator room
  • Co-generator room
  • Pumping station consisting of pumps with inverters, water treatment plants and pipes for connection to the district heating grid
  • District heating grid, smoke detectors and gas leak detectors
  • The integrated system of Supervision, Automation and Monitoring (BMS) covers all technological systems for the production of energy and seeks to optimise operations based on actual demand. The installed platform is web-based and uses standard communication protocols like Modbus, Bacnet, Meter-Bus, etc.



  • Safe plant: there are no open flames and there is no risk of explosion
  • Simple and guaranteed: maintenance and assistance are provided free of charge, 24 hours a day. One less thing to worry about and a cost saved
  • Low cost: thanks to the new tariffs designed for companies, district heating guarantees savings compared to normal utility costs


Municipality of Vignola

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