CPL CONCORDIA's reporting methods

CPL CONCORDIA encourages anyone who becomes aware of facts or conduct contrary to internal company codes and protocols, laws or regulations to make a report in the strictest confidence.

Reports may concern employees of all levels, members of corporate bodies and third parties (e.g., suppliers, consultants and collaborators).

Whistleblowing Reports

In the case of wrongdoing, whether implemented or even attempted, by CPL personnel, it is possible to contact the Supervisory Board established by the company pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01.

In addition to the normal communication channels, it is possible to make a report in the utmost confidentiality through the Whistleblowing channel.

Whistleblowing reports can be submitted by mail or through a special IT platform, available at the following link by selecting the Whistleblowing context: CPLWB.

To ensure complete anonymity of the whistleblower, it is recommended that the report be made from a personal device via a non-company private network.


Reporting Ethics and Inclusion

An additional reporting channel is made available in the area of respect for ethical principles and worker inclusion. CPL CONCORDIA, in fact, recognizes the high value of the social dimension, respect for the dignity of workers and in the inclusive enhancement of differences. Aware of its responsibilities, CPL CONCORDIA has decided to operate in respect of social sustainability by certifying its system according to international standards SA8000 (Social Accountability) and UNI ISO 30415 (Human Resource Management – Diversity and Inclusion).

All Interested Parties (e.g., employees, external workers, job applicants, suppliers, customers, etc.), can communicate complaints and/or reports, even anonymously, about any harassment, abuse, discrimination, offenses or illegality in or related to the work environment, suffered directly or witnessed, contrary to the principles of social accountability of the SA8000 and UNI ISO 30415 standards.

Reports can be sent in the following ways:

  • For SA8000: to the dedicated e-mail address, read by the Social Performance Team (SPT) Coordinator;
  • For 30415: in a sealed envelope, to the attention of Dr. Paolo Bignardi (DEIS), Via Achille Grandi 39 – Concordia sulla Secchia (MO), marked “Ethics and Inclusion – CONFIDENTIAL/CONFIDENTIAL.”
  • For SA8000 and 30415 (preferred) through a special IT platform, available at the following link, selecting the context “Ethics and Inclusion.”


The use of the computer channel for the forwarding of any report is considered preferential and suitable to guarantee, by computer modalities, the confidentiality of the identity of the reporter.

Regardless of the manner in which the report is sent, CPL CONCORDIA guarantees the utmost confidentiality of the subjects and facts reported, as well as the anonymity of the whistleblowers, so that the person making the report is not subject to any form of retaliation.

Ethics & Inclusion Policy