CPL Woods - Earth Care (our present for future)

An ambitious project that was born with the Cooperative's desire to integrate into its business strategies, actions of collective interest aimed at demonstrating its massive commitment to the creation of a more sustainable future,

For the benefit of the entire community. “Our present for future,” a gift we give today for the future. A project with high shared value, a great opportunity for CPL CONCORDIA, which gives back, in this way, the value it has received from the territory on which it has operated for more than a century.

The Cooperative's commitment includes planting 6,000 trees in the three-year period 2021/23 throughout the country.

Specifically, the idea is to develop three forested areas close to as many CPL locations, one in the north, one in the center and one in the south, as it is important for the company to develop a project that is characterized by its territorial congruity with the locations in the country.

Step 1: City Hall VII of the Municipality of Rome

The first area was identified in early 2021 in Municipality VIII of the Municipality of Rome, where the first 2,000 plants were planted in March: to ensure the biodiversity of the project and its rapid take root, several native species, consistent with the climatic conditions of the area, were used, including holm oak, field maple, manna ash, hackberry, lesser elm and downy oak.

The development of the planted trees will be ensured in the first two years of their life by the maintenance carried out by the project partner Azze – roCO2, after which the care of the trees will be the responsibility of the local institutions, which have committed in this regard to carry out routine maintenance for the following years.

Step 2 Municipality of Concordia sulla Secchia and San Possidonio

The second area was identified at the beginning of 2022 in the municipalities of Concordia sulla Secchia and San Possidonio, in the province of Modena, in the vicinity of CPL CONCORDIA’s Headquarters. The project resulted in the planting of 2,000 young trees in 3 areas owned by the Modena municipalities located in Via Magonza in Ponte Rovere in San Possidonio, Via Valdisole in the hamlet of Fossa-where the wildlife oasis of the same name is located-and the site in front of Zanoni Secondary School in Concordia.

The areas are characterized by being located in different contexts; in particular, the intervention in the area near the Zanoni schools, and overlooking a playground, initially required clearing the ground of construction debris, which was followed by the planting of plants that will help make that space more usable.

Overall, the benefits of the interventions in the area will be many, increasing the wooded area favors the mitigation of polluting emissions and high summer temperatures, contributing, at the same time, to the protection and increase of local biodiversity that will give a positive contribution to the urban greenery of the area.

To ensure the biodiversity of the project and its rapid take root, a variety of native species consistent with the climatic conditions of the area were used. A peculiarity of the Modena project involves the maintenance of these green areas by the company Onyva, a social cooperative that deals with the reintegration of disadvantaged people into work and which already collaborates with CPL in the IT and digitization sectors.