We are an Italian company, dealing with energy in the present, for the future.

CPL is now a major player in the Energy and Facility Management, Global Service, and Air Conditioning sectors.

Photovoltaic technology converts sunlight into electricity.

CPL CONCORDIA designs, implements and operates large-scale rooftop and ground-mounted photovoltaic systems.

The combined production of electricity and thermal energy.

This technology is easily applicable in agricultural production settings and livestock farms.

The activity of public lighting management

CPL CONCORDIA identifies all upgrading interventions that can generate energy savings.

We are a leading Italian company in the design, implementation and management of energy systems.

We have been in the market for 125 years and currently have more than 1,600 employees spread over 10 national locations. We develop innovation without losing sight of sustainability in all its aspects, economic, social and environmental.

We are a B2B that caters to both public administration and private industries.

We build complex technological plants to support energy transition such as photovoltaic, biomethane, cogeneration plants, natural gas distribution plants, and hydrogen and liquid natural gas production and delivery plants.

We operate in heat management, facility management, public lighting. We provide methane gas and water distribution services and utility management software.

Our Mission

Improving people's comfort and quality of life

using efficient and environmentally friendly technologies.

Our Mission

Compete in the Marketplace with fairness, integrity and honesty

developing mutually beneficial relationships for us and our clients.

Our Mission

Generating lasting value for the cooperative

and ensure the best employment conditions for our members and employees.

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Our markets

CPL Concordia’s wide range of solutions for the Power, Gas, Water, Cogeneration and ICT sectors finds application in the following markets.

Public Administration

Through the various energy services offered, CPL CONCORDIA ranks among the leading players nationwide.


CPL CONCORDIA offers companies services and products to optimize and monitor consumption and improve contractual conditions for energy purchases.


CPL CONCORDIA, with its solid experience in the management of distribution networks, offers a wide range of services, products and software to support Multiutilities in the management of all activities related to the design and construction, operation and maintenance of gas, water and electricity networks.

Agriculture and animal husbandry

The production of electricity from agricultural biomass and slurry, complementary to traditional agricultural and livestock activities, allows for diversification of production and can contribute to the improvement of economic parameters of livestock farms.


CPL CONCORDIA offers hospitals, private clinics and nursing homes solutions that ensure rational and efficient use of energy.


After overcoming a period of severe crisis, the large residential market has experienced a strong recovery, especially with regard to properties in the most efficient energy classes.


Our solutions

Green Technology

Plant construction

Services to distribution

Energy Efficiency

IT Utility Solutions

Network construction


Reducing environmental impact

The development of CPL CONCORDIA speaks of a growing commitment to reducing environmental impact through the provision of qualified and certified services.

Work with us

Work with us

CPL CONCORDIA: a Production and Labor Cooperative that is founded on the cornerstones of Labor and Human Capital, the most valuable value to be shared.

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