Province of Lecco

Lecco is a province in the Lombardy region with 339,090 inhabitants, whose capital is the city of Lecco. Covering just 814.58 km², it is the sixth smallest province in Italy and eleventh by population density.



The Provincial Administration of Lecco has announced a tender to identify a partner to help it implement a new system for monitoring water extraction and to apply it to its concession holders.



For this contract, CPL CONCORDIA partnered with the Province of Lecco to:

  • Provide the province’s concession holders with the equipment for surveying the flow data and sending the measurements to the control centre
  • Establish a data collection centre and publication of the data collected on the web

The Province of Lecco can connect to the CPL CONCORDIA portal and view the consumption data of its concession holders, exporting data, viewing charts, alarms, etc.



The Province of Lecco was also the first in Italy to experiment with a technological and innovative method that involves the monitoring of extraction parameters using electronic devices installed on the concession holders’ premises, the storage of these data at a control centre and the publication of the findings on a web portal.
CPL CONCORDIA combined the experience it has gained in recent years creating and managing data collection systems (from protezione catodica a prelievi gas metano e remote monitoring plants) with the development and management of software for publishing plant data on the web.


Province of Lecco

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