The EDF Group is one of the main players in the global energy sector. In recent years, it started an activity with EDISON dedicated to expanding the production of electricity with the construction of 400 MW to 800 MW power plants in France and England.



CPL CONCORDIA built two preheating and reduction units in France at the Blenod and Martigues sites consisting of various pre-assembled packages, placing the first near the Belgian border, the second near Marseilles. The French company EDF is the manager of the plants, while project coordination was carried out by the Italian partner EDISON.



The methane gas part of the plant design includes:

  • The construction of several pre-assembled skid-mounted packages to be interconnected on site
  • The construction of electrical supply systems
  • The monitoring of electrical exchangers with a power that varies from 52 kW to 960 kW



The plants were entirely designed and built according to European PED standards with consequent CE marking.
The plant that feeds the turbines has an automated outlet temperature control and management system consisting of an advanced PID control system between the SCR stages of the electric heat exchangers and the control panels.



Certifications and accreditations