Ducati Motor Holding

Ducati Motor Holding SpA is a prime representative of products Made in Italy thanks to its sales of motorcycles with an unmistakable design in over 60 countries throughout the world. The company offers components for motorcycles, apparel and safety devices, as well as maintenance and after-sales service. The Ducati Museum located inside the factory offers visitors a journey through the company’s history from its founding until today.



For almost 20 years CPL CONCORDIA has had a maintenance contract with Ducati for technological systems. Needing to achieve energy savings, in collaboration with Ducati’s technical office and maintenance service CPL began the implementation of the BMS automation and control system, an important application for achieving savings.



  • The project called for the installation of the supervising central server on a virtual machine in the Customer’s data centre. The architecture installed is based on communications that use company cabling for data transmission between individual controllers and the central server
  • Dedicated Contact Centre available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day
  • The system is expandable both within the single automation and acquisition framework and at a central level, allowing the implementation of new functions that are useful for the Building Management System (BMS)
  • The use of standard protocols for Building Automation (like BACnet® IP, Modbus TCP, Knx, etc.) will permit data integration with controllers and platforms of different vendors, thus meeting the basic characteristic required of modern Building Automation architectures
  • Automation of heating and air conditioning systems
  • Remote systems management
  • Collection, logging and storage of data useful for analysis of performance and system efficiency



The building management system (BMS) has had the task of adapting the energy production and distribution system to demand by performing measurement, monitoring, diagnostic and control functions in order to achieve the energy performance levels planned for under certain environmental conditions. It was found that there was a need to constantly analyse the energy and system data (continuous commissioning) through the use of automation and control systems.
The installation of a BMS system made it possible to increase attention to energy saving and start an awareness raising campaign involving all Ducati personnel that has led to significant savings in Electricity, Methane Gas and Industrial Water.


Ducati Motor Holding

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