Oltremare Park

Oltremare is a natural and technological theme park located in Riccione, Rimini, specialised in the protection of particular species of land and sea animals.
The attractions are particularly focused on animals that live in the oceans.



The overall surface area of the Oltremare Park is 110,000 m², of which 77,000 m² are green spaces and 24,000 m² are indoors. An initial energy assessment of the structure found:

  • Significant electrical consumption, with a constant daily and annual use
  • Significant heating consumption in winter
  • Significant cooling consumption in summer



CPL CONCORDIA built a tri-generation plant for the Oltremare Park. The service offered includes:

  • Complete turnkey supply of the financial instrument calibrated to the customer (operational lease with full service maintenance, “all risk” insurance, end-of-life redemption)
  • Design, construction, maintenance and management followed entirely by CPL CONCORDIA in an ISO 9000 quality process and ISO 14000 environmental process
  • Power of 1063 kWe and about 1194 kWt and a cooling capacity of 837 kWf
  • Customer assistance in all phases of authorisation, implementation and management.

CPL CONCORDIA offers the customer full-service maintenance of the plant, including all materials (consumables, spare parts, lubricating oil) and specialised labour:



  • Energy efficiency: energy production with high energy conversion rates (energy savings)
  • Localised generation: energy production directly at the site of use (elimination of distribution losses)
  • Tri-generation systems produce an increase in the operating hours of the plant (boosting summer operation)
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions compared to traditional production systems


Oltremare Park

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