Municipality of Montesilvano

Montesilvano is a town of 53,752 inhabitants in the province of Pescara, in Abruzzo.
Located north of Pescara, it is divided into Montesilvano Colle, the old city centre where there are still remains of the ancient medieval buildings, and Montesilvano Marina, the most populous and modern part of the town.



The Municipality of Montesilvano needed to improve efficiency by upgrading its lighting and management and control equipment designed to save energy. The Municipality has almost 7,200 lighting fixtures.



The service of managing public lightingin the territory of Montesilvano includes:

  • Supply of electricity
  • The operation and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the plants
  • The regulatory adaptation and technological upgrading of the plants
  • On-call technicians and emergency service

The lighting system is powered by 105 meters for a total power of 1,451.5 kW.



  • Increased service level
  • Efficient use of energy through elimination of inefficiencies due to inadequate or obsolete technology
  • Systems are brought in compliance with applicable regulations also in terms of light pollution
  • Abatement of climate-altering substances: the integrated services offered by CPL CONCORDIA help meet Kyoto Protocol requirements


Municipality of Montesilvano

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