The Concordia Hotel welcomes Afghan refugees

Concordia sulla Secchia (MO), 28 August 2021 – The Concordia Hotel, a hotel owned by the CPL CONCORDIA group, has been chosen to welcome Afghan refugees fleeing the Asian country after the tragic events of the last few days.

The Modena Local Health Authority and the Civil Protection have asked the cooperative for the availability of the San Possidonio accommodation facility to carry out the quarantine period for a certain number of Afghan people who managed to get to safety after the Taliban takeover in recent days. These are men and families fleeing war or threatened with retaliation for collaborating with the incumbent government in recent years.

"Putting oneself at the service of the institutions is the way chosen by CPL to collaborate in solving a real problem and help alleviate the suffering of the Afghan people", underlines the President of CPL CONCORDIA Paolo Barbieri. "We have agreed to make our facility available for current needs, as was already the case for last year's health emergency, when our hotel hosted almost 200 Covid positive patients. We are happy - continues Barbieri - to be able to be once again useful to the institutions that try to help those who suffer and those who need help."

Yesterday evening, the first 70 refugees arrived and were accommodated in the hotel rooms according to the plans prepared by the Modena Local Health Authority for the quarantine period.