CPL CONCORDIA more inclusive with UNI PDR 125:2022 certification on gender equality

CPL CONCORDIA reports that it has achieved an important result for its strategic corporate sustainability goals: the UNI PDR 125:2022 certification-Gender Equality in Organizations.

UNI PDR 125:2022 defines guidelines on the human resource management system, requiring the structuring of performance indicators (KPIs) aimed at enhancing gender equality policies in the company.

The company not only adheres to the guideline, but is determined to measure, report and evaluate the measures taken, with a view to continuous improvement. This is an important step toward sustainable and lasting change.

Certification of the Gender Equality Management System in fact enables the company to demonstrate to internal and external stakeholders its commitment to the issue, in harmony with streams at the national and European levels. It makes it possible to have a management model that allows for the identification of KPIs that are always available and up-to-date, which are also useful for gender reporting required by Italian law (Equal Opportunities Code and updates) or for reporting such as Sustainability Reports or models such as SA8000. Allows for contribution relief and rewards in participation in calls for tenders by the Italian Public Administration i in relation to the measures provided by the NRP (Mission No. 5).

The following is a statement from Sara Saltini, Director of Competence Organization Development: "Just a few months after the establishment of CIPO - the Internal Committee for Equal Opportunities, this recognition makes us proud and testifies to our tangible commitment to promoting a work environment that fosters equal opportunities for our human resources, in opposition to any form of discrimination related to gender. "Certification is certainly not a point of arrival," Saltini continues, "but rather a stimulus to set ourselves higher and higher goals to improve people's comfort and quality of life, as established in our corporate mission statement. Together, we are working to build a more equitable and inclusive working world."