CPL’s sustainability goes on tour


Sustainable economic growth for people, land and the environment requires responsible business behavior

CPL CONCORDIA will present the 2022 Sustainability Report in a tour that will touch the cooperative's 10 locations and will be an opportunity for meeting, exchange and discussion thanks to a new format capable of engaging participants. Meetings will begin on September 13 in Bologna and end on October 13 at the Concordia sulla Secchia location.

The path of sustainability has deep and well-established roots: in fact, since its founding back in 1899, CPL has always recognized the value and need for an approach to the management of its structure that was responsible and attentive both to its employees and to the needs and peculiarities of the territory to which it belongs. An ethical conviction that has evolved over time into a true sustainability strategy articulated in the three spheres of environmental, economic and social and that today stands as a strategic development model for the cooperative.

Throughout its years of history, CPL has operated in a way that accommodates the needs of an ever-changing world, on the one hand developing innovative proposals from the plant engineering and technological point of view that are always on the cutting edge, and on the other hand striving to comply with the requirements of international standards, obtaining important accredited certifications.

The commitment to sustainable development has been structured over time and now involves all business functions.

People are placed at the center of all sustainability thinking.

CPL has more than 1,500 employees, for whom the Cooperative invests significant resources in training, skill enhancement, development paths, continuous updating and growth.

Added to this is an increasing push in the focus on implementing structured welfare policies by prioritizing initiatives that allow for more adequate work/life balance management.

"One of the core principles of CPL's mission is 'Improving people's comfort and quality of life by using efficient and environmentally friendly technologies.'

Since 2001 we have been producing, our Sustainability Report that documents our commitment to Economic, Social and Environmental Responsibility and is aimed at a transparent dialogue with all the people who work with and for CPL CONCORDIA," said Vice President Samuele Penzo.

A means of communication that expresses guiding values, strategies, and performance achieved especially in terms of positive environmental and community impacts.

"In addition to the report," Penzo further emphasized, "the commitment to Sustainability is also expressed in the drafting of a detailed Sustainability Strategic Plan that systematizes all initiatives into an organic program of goals across all our businesses and services with actions and timelines planned in detail"

The plan is developed taking into consideration several key factors: the guidelines of the Business Plan, the goals of the 2030 agenda, the enhancement of diversity and inclusion (D&I) issues, welfare and innovation policies, the promotion of health and sustainability through the key supply chain, works to protect biodiversity along with activities with a strong social character, increasing the share of energy production from renewable sources, and actions to reduce the environmental footprint such as direct and indirect emissions.