1,700 new plants in Nola thanks to CPL CONCORDIA

The environmental regeneration intervention affected two areas of the city with the aim of contributing to the renaturalization of the area and increasing local biodiversity.

Nola, November 16, 2023 - The forestation work that led to the Planting of 1,500 shrubs and 200 young trees in the city of Nola (Na) with the aim of contributing to the environmental regeneration of the area and providing the local community with new social spaces surrounded by nature. The project was realized thanks to the support of the CPL CONCORDIA Multiservice Energy Cooperative as part of the "Earth Care - our Present for Future" program the company initiated in 2020 with an overall commitment to plant 6,000 plants in three years across the country.

The intervention, part of Mosaic Green the National Forestry Campaign promoted by AzzeroCO2 and Legambiente, affected two areas of the town center. In the Cavour Square area, a cleanup and stump removal was initially carried out and then the planting of the new trees and shrubs was carried out. In contrast, the second intervention area is located within the Paolino Park Avella, here forestation takes on special importance as it gives rise to a green space that will serve the new 'Parthenope' University building and will therefore be available not only to residents but also to the student population, who will be able to use it as a place to meet and gather.

"The enhancement of parks and green areas is a priority for our administration, not least because of the social function they serve. It is with this in mind that we are also working on the redevelopment of "Baden Powell" Park. Now more than ever, public actors must comprehensively consider and weigh the long-term impact of choices made on natural and environmental resources to ensure sustainable land development - Lawyer Carmine Sautariello, deputy mayor of the City of Nola , said. I would like to thank City Councilor Erasmo Scotti for bringing to our attention the Mosaic Green Campaign that allowed our City, and the entire community, to benefit from a free land redevelopment intervention through the planting of tree species whose maintenance, for the first two years, will be managed by AzzeroCO2. I would also like to thank all my colleagues in the junta who intervened, in medio tempore, to bring the accession process to fruition, as well as the Offices that prepared all the acts aimed at the signing of the relevant Memorandum of Understanding and, finally, CPL CONCORDIA for the support provided to us for the realization of this important urban forestation project".

The benefits of the intervention on the area will be many, starting with the renaturalization of the areas and the increase in the biodiversity heritage of the area . In addition, the trees and shrubs will act as natural "air purifiers" that absorb and filter numerous pollutants while increasing the landscape value of the areas affected by the project. Particular attention was therefore paid to the selection of the species planted, which were identified from native species suited to the climatic conditions of the area. Selected varieties include Boxwood, Privet and Eucalyptus.

CPL CONCORDIA's support in planting these plants is part of the larger "Earth Care - our Present for Future" project created to pursue a twofold goal: its commitment to the present for a better future, a gift for everyone's future. In 2021, the first 2,000-plant operation was inaugurated in Rome's Municipality VIII, in four areas with high population and traffic density. In 2022 it was the turn of the municipalities of Concordia sulla Secchia and San Possidonio with the planting of another 2,000 essences. Now it is the city of Nola that is enriched with two new green areas where nature once again takes center stage.

"Our cooperative is proud to complete the Earth Care project we initiated in 2021," stressed CPL CONCORDIA President Paolo Barbieri. "After the center of Italy with the capital Rome, the two northern municipalities - Concordia and San Possidonio - where our headquarters are located we now end in the south with Nola, our Campania headquarters, where the planting will also be enjoyed by the public of university students. With this project we confirm CPL CONCORDIA's concrete commitment to environmental sustainability not only in everyday life with energy-efficient plants but also in its attention to the territories and the fight against climate change."

The Green Mosaic Campaign, within which the forestation work carried out in the Campania city is part of the larger European LIFE Earth project that aims to mitigate the effects of climate change by planting millions of trees by the end of 2025. An extremely ambitious project for which Legambiente is the only Italian partner and AzzeroCO2 a supporter.

"Increasing green space in our cities and fostering greater interaction between people and the environment is a crucial step in successfully meeting the environmental challenges of the future," said Nicola Merciari Commercial manager of AzzeroCO2's sustainability area. Thanks to our partnership with CPL Concordia, we have been able to carry out an important forestation project in Nola that, in addition to promoting the sustainable development of the city, aims to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants: in fact, planting trees means taking care of people and the environment around them at the same time. Interventions like this show how, through public-private collaboration, it is possible to combine environmental protection and community well-being".