School-work alternation, collaboration protocol signed between the Galilei Institute of Mirandola and CPL CONCORDIA

The agreement, signed by the Headmaster Milena Prandini and the President of the cooperative Mauro Gori, provides for internships in the company and information meetings in the classrooms, ensuring that students in classes 4and 5and above acquire skills that can be used in the labor market

Concordia sulla Secchia, 8 March 2017 - A large business reality in the Modena area and the school united to provide training and internship opportunities to high school students: this is the core of the protocol of collaboration signed by CPL CONCORDIA, a multi-utility energy group, and the Istituto Superiore Statale "G.Galilei" of Mirandola (MO).

The agreement provides for work placements in the company for students in the fourth and fifth classes of the Professional and Technical Departments, with particular reference to the areas of technical assistance and maintenance, electrical engineering and electronics, mechanics and energy.

The protocol was signed by the President of CPL CONCORDIA, Mauro Gori , and by the Headmaster of the Mirandola Institute, Milena Prandini. "This agreement between the Galilei Institute and CPL Concordia enriches and concretizes a path of sharing training and educational values," commented Prof. Prandini. "With the 'ConCittadini' project - which has made it possible to gain experience of citizenship and civil conscience - and the current school-work alternation path, the goal of making the student achieve that added value that is represented by the acquisition of skills gained in the field and the discovery of one's vocations and attitudes is fully achieved."

As part of the school-work alternation project, there will also be information meetings for teachers and students at the Galilei, in a multi-class format, to illustrate the functions of utilities in today's market and the role that the CPL Group plays at the national level.

"The collaboration with the Istituto Superiore Galilei is fully part of the corporate mission of CPL CONCORDIA which, with its activity, confirms itself as an asset for the territory," said CPL President Mauro Gori. "The agreement with Galilei is another important step in the development of the company's most precious resource, human capital: through synergy with the educational institution, we aim to train young people who are more aware and prepared to enter the world of work".