SCHOOL Project – Smart Campus as Urban Open LAbs


On 30 June, Fondazione Politecnico di Milano will announce the event "SCHOOL PROJECT - SMART CAMPUS AS URBAN OPEN LABS. OBJECTIVES AND RESULTS OF THE MILAN DEMONSTRATORS", a seminar organized by the Politecnico di Milano and A2A, with the participation of the University of Brescia and the Lombardy Region. CPL CONCORDIA is one of the partner companies of the project.

The SCUOLA - Smart Campus as Urban Open Labs project experiments with an advanced system to intelligently integrate complex systems for the management of Smart Grids, energy efficiency of buildings through the Energy Management System, innovative generation from renewable sources and storage, intelligent charging systems for electric vehicles, hybrid communication technologies to provide services to users.

The heart of the project is the evolution of the electricity system, which aims to increase its intelligence and that of its users through innovative communication, control and management systems.

The experimentation of the SCHOOL project within the Leonardo campus of the Politecnico di Milano involved four sites, each with its own peculiar characteristics of use: Building 25 for educational use, Building 20 for office use, Trigenerator to power the entire electricity and thermal network of the campus and Shelter for use by students. During the seminar, the objectives and results of the project will be illustrated. At the end of the day it will be possible to visit the demonstrators in Milan.

It is possible to consult the program of the day and register for free to participate in the event by clicking here: