Onyvà social co-op opens Onylab in Concordia.

Concordia sulla secchia (MO), April 21, 2023 - Onyvà Cooperativa Sociale, in collaboration with CPL CONCORDIA on Thursday, April 20, inaugurated Onylab, a new operating unit based in Concordia sulla Secchia, at 1 Via Miglioli. There are several services that will be offered to public administrations and private companies in the area: document dematerialization, data processing and management, and above all, job placement of disabled people.

The inauguration was attended by Emilia Romagna Regional Councilwoman Palma Costi and the mayors of Concordia and San Possidonio, as well as representatives and workers of the two companies.

"The collaboration with CPL CONCORDIA, " says Maurizio Marcon - President of Onyvà - "was born in 2012 and has allowed over the years to initiate several job placement paths in the provincial area." Marcon also points out that "with CPL's managers and technicians over the years, a partnership and synergy has been established on various activities, which has enabled the digital division to Onyvá to grow and consolidate their Administrative, job placement counseling and help desk services such as billing, control room, contact center, logistics and document dematerialization activities, employing 20 employees, 8 of whom are disadvantaged."

"Following its corporate social responsibility, CPL CONCORDIA is. Guided by the values of solidarity and inclusion and actively cooperates every day in favor of social integration, making contributions to ensure that every human being has equal opportunities, valuing their uniqueness and skills." CPL CONCORDIA President Paolo Barbieri points out.. "This is why CPL has a decade-long collaboration with Onyvà, aimed at designing pathways for job placement, aimed at growth and social reintegration for the creation of a welcoming and inclusive space dedicated to disadvantaged people."

Onyvà 's goal now is to extend the service in the Northern Area, involving administrations, businesses, cooperatives and associations to create new employment opportunities through paths of autonomy and integration, including through the application of Article 22 of Regional Law 17/2005.

In fact, this tool allows companies to comply with their obligation to hire people with disabilities by outsourcing work orders to social cooperatives, which take charge of the job placement project and the hiring of the person with disabilities.

"For Onyvá the new headquarters of the Digital Division in Concordia represents not only a logistical resource for the services performed for CPL, but also an expression of a strong desire to bring our experience in offering professional services in data management and processing and document dematerialization, and at the same time support businesses in the territory of the Union of Municipalities of the Northern Area, in the designing job placement pathways for the most fragile and excluded from the world of work," says Jonathan Franciosi, vice president of Onyvà and head of the cooperative's Digital Division.