New LED lighting and halved electricity consumption in Isernia

The CPL CONCORDIA project for the completion, efficiency and regulatory adaptation of the public lighting systems of Isernia has been presented. The planned investments amount to over 1.3 million euros and will reduce electricity consumption and pollution, avoiding the emission into the atmosphere of almost 700,000 kg of CO2, equal to 202 tons of oil equivalent.

In terms of energy efficiency, the redevelopment activity will lead to a drastic reduction in consumption, which will go from 1.7 million kWh in 2018 to 744 thousand expected after the intervention, with a saving of almost 1 million kWh per year.

"The replacement of more than 96% of the lighting fixtures with high-efficiency, high-tech LED fixtures will ensure the highest possible energy savings and the reduction of light pollution," said Andrea Tassoni, CPL CONCORDIA's Public Lighting project manager, who oversaw the project.

Over the course of a year, 4500 lighting fixtures will be replaced and 100 light points will be implemented, but 200 worn poles will also be replaced and more than 1 kilometer of power lines will be rebuilt. Among the expected improvements is also greater safety for citizens, both pedestrians and motorists, thanks to improved visibility conditions of urban routes. The new public lighting system will also allow the architectural enhancement of the peculiar areas of the Molise capital such as the Bridges of Santo Spirito and Cardarelli, the War Memorial and Piazza della Repubblica.