High energy prices: alarm from Legacoop Production and Services, risk of production stoppage and loss of jobs

Source: Legacoop Production and Services Press Release - 21 January 2022

" Cooperative enterprises with energy-intensive activities, especially those that use methane in production processes, are at risk of closure. The increases of recent months are unsustainable and shutting down the plants could be a forced choice."

The alarm was raised by the Presidential Council of Legacoop Production and Services , which met this morning.

"The 76% of a representative sample of member companies - underlines the President of the Association, Gianmaria Balducci - expects not to be able to obtain, from its customers and clients, any Price Revision Acknowledgment In the face of the Rising energy priceswith Consequences on the overall economic resilience and the ability to Maintenance of the target market".

These concerns were shared by the President of Legacoop Nazionale, Mauro Lusetti, who participated in the meeting, confirming the strong commitment to raising awareness of the problem among institutions. For Legacoop Production & Services Activation of a Interministerial table dedicated to the current difficulties, open to listening to and to the proposals of the business world, able to discuss the definition of a national and European plan for the medium and long term, which makes the country less dependent on international tensions and accompanies the process of Energy transition in the coming years.

"In addition to the Structural measures - highlights Legacoop Production and Services - Urgent measures commensurate with the seriousness of the situation: it is essential to provide for the possibility of Installment of bills and Interventions on liquidity needs, as well as adequate mechanisms for access to financial guarantee schemes; This is to prevent a problem that is hoped to be short-lived from proving fatal for the survival of companies".

Legacoop Produzione e Servizi associates over 2,300 cooperative companies and consortia, for an employment of 150,000 employees and a production value of over 14.7 billion euros (year 2020). The main sectors of intervention are construction, logistics and transport, collective catering, integrated services and FM, engineering and design as well as various sectors of industry.

Link from the web portal of "Il Messaggero": High energy prices, red alert: intervene immediately .