Giro d’Italia 2021, Dante’s Tomb illuminated by Rosa in Ravenna

Exactly one month before the start, as did the other cities involved in the Giro d'Italia 2021 with their own monument, Dante's Tomb, the only material testimony of a man that the whole world knows, was externally illuminated in pink, the color that characterizes the competition. For just one night, yesterday 8 April, a projector coloured the façade of the Morigia temple pink, thanks to the collaboration of CPL CONCORDIA, to which the city owes the new and evocative lighting of Dante's area. The photograph of Dante's Tomb in Pink was published in Corriere della Sera and La Gazzetta dello Sport for "Italia in rosa" as a thank you to the cities of the stage for illuminating their symbols. The new lighting system for the night-time enhancement of the monument, with low environmental impact and energy saving, was created and donated by CPL CONCORDIA, which manages the global service of the city's lighting systems. The technical solutions adopted are noteworthy, guaranteeing high performance in terms of energy consumption, efficiency and durability of the light sources and ease in the management of the systems and their maintenance.   Link to the Web portal of the Municipality of Ravenna: Giro d'Italia 2021, Dante's Tomb illuminated by Rosa.