CPL CONCORDIA enters the hydrogen sector by winning a €48 million tender

The cooperative was awarded a contract in a tender launched by the company Milano Serravalle-Milano Tangenziali S.p.A. (a company of the FNM Group) for the executive design and construction of 5 refueling stations to be built along the motorway network under concession that will refuel cars and trucks with fuel with zero environmental impact

Hydrogen traction becomes a reality in Italy thanks to PNRR funds and the commitment of CPL CONCORDIA.

The company, which has been active for over 60 years in the distribution and storage of natural gas, has been awarded, in joint venture with the Integra Consortium, the first integrated contract for the assignment of the executive design and construction of the works of 5 hydrogen service stations (Hydrogen Refuelling Station - HRS). The economic resources come from the PNRR and the National Plan for Complementary Investments for a total that will reach 48 million euros. The deadline for the execution of the works is June 2026.

The stations will be built at the service areas along the routes managed by Milano Serravalle Milano Tangenziali S.p.A. and precisely in the municipalities of Tortona, Carugate and Rho.

The design partner is STI Engineering. Each station will be equipped with a hydrogen discharge section through two tank wagon bays; a hydrogen compression section; a high-pressure storage section (900 bar); a dispensing section with two dispensers capable of supplying hydrogen both at a pressure of 350 bar for heavy vehicles and at a pressure of 700 bar for cars. The development of hydrogen vehicles will lead to a significant reduction in environmental pollution.

"Being a protagonist of decarbonization for CPL means bringing more resources to the energy transition," says CPL CONCORDIA President Paolo Barbieri, "thus contributing with every energy system to reducing emissions." "Thanks to our presence throughout the country, we can make our technological skills available for other initiatives and in other sectors, which have decarbonization objectives," adds Commercial Director Giulio Raganelli, "and we hope that this first initiative will be a stimulus for other entities."