CPL CONCORDIA commemorates the 10th anniversary of the earthquake with Mattarella and a Charitable Donation

Finale Emilia, 20 May 2022 - CPL CONCORDIA commemorates the 10th anniversary of the Emilia earthquake, and does so by participating today in a ceremony in Finale Emilia where the Rulli Frulli Station is inaugurated in the prestigious presence of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella. The Rulli Frulli Station Project, of which the Cooperative has become a supporter, is a Multifunctional Hub for the work inclusion of people with disabilities and for quality youth aggregation, which includes creative and musical spaces based on inclusiveness and cooperation.

Between 20 and 29 May 2012 , the earthquake struck the structures of the two Modena offices of Concordia and Mirandola di CPL, causing over 15 million euros in damage; Although deprived of its buildings, the company found itself in a operating at the service of customers first under the canopies of cars and then in 2 campuses equipped with over 60 containers to continue to ensure its services to the community. "CPL has always remained faithful and rooted in this territory, careful to perceive the signs of social cohesion," said CPL CONCORDIA President Paolo Barbieri. "This explains the support given to the Rulli Frulli Station , which we hope will become an incubator of ideas and a generator of new experiences in the name of inclusiveness and solidarity".

Find out more about CPL CONCORDIA's contribution to the Rulli Frulli Station and learn more about the Video by President Paolo Barbieri, available at the following link: CPL CONCORDIA and Rulli Frulli: a support for growth .