The future is now! 

Tradition and innovation: two opposite words, referring to two very separate concepts, two opposite worlds. However, only tradition, our past, our history allow us to evolve and understand how best to work to conquer our future.


It is a tradition for us to welcome you at the beginning of the new year to our events, whether virtual or in-person, to give you a complete overview of what’s new in the industry, to be ready and prepared to take on and overcome new challenges. This willingness, this vital need to grow, relying on the support of a group, but valuing the individual, characteristics very similar to a sports team, in constant alignment to create winning strategies, sharing values and ideals, has made us a Team leader at national level.


CPL CONCORDIA is pleased to present Utilities Future Hub: the Webinar to look to the future together, touching on complex issues such as Digitalisation, Technological Evolution, Regulatory Updates and Contact Centre Interconnections.

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Starting Time: 9.00 a.m. | Closing: 12.00 p.m.



Host: Andrea Mantovani Senior Sales Manager Software Utilities CPL CONCORDIA



Eleonora Amenta Utilities Specialist PM CPL CONCORDIA

Process Digitisation

The digitisation of agent contracts in the Covid-19 era.


Stefano Bertelli PM CPL CONCORDIA

The new electronic order management (NSO)

PagoPA: what it is, how it works and how to pay for Public Services (and Utilities).


Stefano Tondelli PM CPL CONCORDIA

The importance of Customer Care in customer management

When the Contact Centre is a friend.


Laura Perboni Senior Consultant CPL CONCORDIA

S2S or U2S: new ways of submitting the Consumption Declaration for 2020.


Matteo Fini Senior Consultant CPL CONCORDIA

The end of the protected market: road to 2022.



Special Guest: Andrea Giani Head Coach of Men’s Volleyball Modena Volley team

Best Case

The importance of sport and coaching; a talk from the Italian volleyball legend.



Attilio Semenzato Chairman EOS Solutions

Technology Update

The technological evolution of the Microsoft offering and Dynamics Business Central (NAV).

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