Digital Transformation event

Digital Innovation, the set of technological, cultural and organisational changes generated by the development of new technologies, has had a strong impact on the way Utilities work. 


Utilities Future Hub Reload was set up with the aim of guiding Gas and Electricity sales and distribution companies on a journey to discover the innovations and new regulations in the sector, from Digital Registered Letters to Electric Mobility, from PagoPA to Cybersecurity. 

Free Webinar



Starting Time: 9.00 a.m. | Closing: 12.00 p.m.



Host: Nicola Bedini PM CPL CONCORDIA



Bernardino Grignaffini Gregorio CEO & Partner CERTEGO & Matteo Nasi Head of Systems and Infrastructure CPL CONCORDIA


The new frontier for data security.


Erika Gennari Credit Specialist CPL CONCORDIA & Alberto Lenza CEO tNotice


The innovative and sustainable European delivery.


Matteo Fini Regulatory Affairs Coordinator – Regulatory Compliance CPL CONCORDIA

Electric Mobility

From incentives to experimentation: the potential of Resolution 541/2020/R/eel.


Stefano Bertelli PM CPL CONCORDIA & Carla Carloni Digital Marketing Manager Credemtel


From the theory… to the practical!


Special Guest: Fabrizio Imperadore CEO Eicom

“In sport as in work… there are no limits”: from solo champion to leader of a great team.

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