Two different days, one Workshop: UtiliTech Workshop, the first conference focusing on the future of Utilities. Don’t miss the chance to find out all the latest news on key topics such as CMOR, GDPR, digitalisation, Machine Learning and Big Data.

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Host: Lorenza de Marinis – CEO Italiangas


10.00 a.m. Welcome & participants registration

Tasty bites to eat for an energy boost!


10.30 a.m. Energy & Technology 4.0: Kick-off Meeting

Led by the CPL CONCORDIA Management


10.45 a.m. CMOR the Arrears Charge: in-depth examination of procedures and directives

Led by Chiara Mantovani Senior Consultant at CPL CONCORDIA & Fabrizio Imperadore Founder CEO at EICOM


11.30 a.m. GDPR Outcome: one year after entry into force, what has changed?

Led by Luciano Corino Scientific Committee Member at FEDERPRIVACY & Cristiana Burali Legal Department at CPL CONCORDIA


12.15 p.m. Dynamic Invoice & Shop Energy Totem: digital marketing at the service of Smart Contracts and e-Invoices

Led by Gianluca Boarini CEO at SwitchUp & Eleonora Amenta IT Utilities Specialist at CPL CONCORDIA


12.45 p.m. Light Lunch

Starters, main courses, desserts… you name it!


2.30 p.m. Best Case: Chiurlo – 110 years of innovation

Led by Alberto Sartori CEO & Andrea Furlano Head of Gas and Electricity at Chiurlo 


3.00 p.m. Microsoft Business Central: Billing & CRM evolution in the Cloud

Led by Giuseppe Russo ERP Specialist at Microsoft


3.30 p.m. Energy Management: digital procurement optimisation and forecasting

Led by Claudio Zocca CEO at CNC Consulting


4.00 p.m. Close-out Work & Debate

Our Specialists, your questions: a perfect match


4.30 p.m. Visit to the Co-generator built by CPL CONCORDIA

We don’t just tell you about our activities – we show you them!


5.30 p.m. Happy Hour

Stay with us and don’t miss a perfect opportunity to get to know us better!


Host: Andrea Mantovani Sales Manager CPL CONCORDIA


10.00 a.m. Welcome & participants registration

Because we all need… water & gas!


10.30 a.m. Energia Ambiente 4.0 Project: Kick-off Meeting

Led by the CPL CONCORDIA Management


10.45 a.m. Investments in Public Utilities in the light of Resolution 917/17

Led by Raffaele Albanese CEO at Consultingas


11.20 a.m. Round Table: comparison of current remote reading and remote management technologies in gas and water… directly from those who manage and those who produce!

Led by Stefano Tondelli and Lorenzo Malvezzi Smart Metering Project Manager at CPL CONCORDIA & Valerio Carta Head of Technical Support at Maddalena SpA


12.15 p.m. Machine Learning & Big Data in the monitoring of gas and water networks

Led by Stefano Bortoli PMO at CPL CONCORDIA & Serena Franzini Partner & Key Account Manager at Energy Way


12.45 p.m. Light Lunch

An appetising range of dishes, with a view of the sea


2.30 p.m. 574 Compliance: how to have peace of mind in the event of an inspection

Led by Katia Mazzoni Senior Project Manager Contact Centre & Valentina Galiotto Project Manager Contact Centre at CPL CONCORDIA


3.15 p.m. WFM Ermes: the maintenance & User Experience app

Led by Gabriele Malavasi Software Development & Technicians Systems Coordinator at CPL CONCORDIA & Giuseppe Filocamo PM at iDigital3


4.00 p.m. Closing Meeting & Discussion

…and that brings the day to an end.


4.30 p.m. Visit to the Co-generator built by CPL CONCORDIA

A unique opportunity to see our activities at first hand


5.00 p.m. Closing Happy Hour

An opportunity for discussion and a toast to say goodbye!

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