National Energy Strategy and energy poverty highlighted at the Italian Energy Summit

At the two-day energy event organized by Il Sole 24 Ore, the president of CPL CONCORDIA, Mauro Gori, foresees the participation of public and private entities to direct the market (businesses and consumers) to energy efficiency interventions as a tool to combat energy poverty. A conference on the subject organized by CPL with the Barberini Foundation and Assistal has been announced at the end of October

The seventeenth edition of the Italian Energy Summit, organized by Il Sole 24 ore with the aim of taking stock of the global prospects of the energy market, ended in Milan. Companies, institutions and professionals met to take stock of global and national trends in the energy market. These included the Chairman of AEEGSI Guido Bortoni, the CEOs of Eni Claudio Descalzi, of Terna Luigi Ferraris, of Italgas Paolo Gallo, and of Enel Francesco Starace.

As part of the Talks on 25 September dedicated to "Sustainability, green economy and innovation: the new energy and the impact of the National Energy Strategy (SEN)" the President of CPL CONCORDIA Mauro Gori He took the floor stating that "the issue of energy poverty is not only related to Corporate Social Responsibility but also to, and above all, public policies for energy efficiency. Involving disadvantaged social groups in energy saving and efficiency policies," Gori continued, "does not only respond to reasons of fairness but represents a condition for the effectiveness of such policies." Citing data on the scale of the phenomenon – 3.9 million households in energy poverty – the President of CPL was clear: "The state cannot do everything alone. An effective fight against energy poverty requires the simultaneous participation of a plurality of actors, both public and private, each of which is called upon to play a key role in order to implement the constitutional principle of subsidiarity".

The role of companies and how to use the tax lever to direct the market to interventions that aim at energy efficiency as a tool to fight energy poverty will be discussed on 26 October at a conference promoted in Rome by CPL CONCORDIA, in collaboration with the Barberini Foundation and Assistal, which will see, among others, the participation of the Minister of Labour and Welfare Giuliano Poletti.