With 120 years of experience, our Company wishes to emphasise the importance of its relationship with the local areas where it operates, thanks to which it has been possible to create jobs and lasting value.


CPL CONCORDIA believes that training is essential to the development of individuals and workers and wishes to contribute to an increasingly close and synergistic relationship between education/training institutions and companies.


To show its commitment to local areas, CPL CONCORDIA positions itself as an intergenerational company, creating relationships and links with schools for potential partnerships in on-the-job training schemes, given the nature of some areas where CPL’s own personnel work at the service of the school institutions.


CPL CONCORDIA will award 10 scholarships of 500 euros each to the most deserving students, to reward each area in which the Cooperative operates.


The Target: Fifth year classes* of High Schools.

*Except Concordia s/S location, where a student from the Secondary School will be awarded a scholarship.

The Selected Schools

Institute: Sergio Neri di Concordia s/S. e San Possidonio Unified School (Modena, Italy) 

Headmistress: Raffaela Pellacani

Institute: IIS O. Belluzzi-Fioravanti, Bologna 

Headmaster: Edoardo Soverini

Institute: ITT G.Marconi, Padova 

Headmistress: Claudia Morara

Institute: ITIS G.Feltrinelli, Milan 

Headmistress: Maria Rita Donadei

Institute: IIS Volterra Elia, Ancona 

Headmistress: Maria Rita Fiordelmondo

Institute: IIS V. Crocetti – V. Cerulli di Giulianova (Teramo) 

Headmaster: Luigi Valentini

Institute: ITT M. Panetti, Bari 

Headmistress: Eleonora Matteo

Institute: ITIS Giorgi – Woolf, Rome 

Headmistress: Elena Tropea

Institute: ITT E. Medi, San Giorgio a Cremano (Naples, Italy)

Headmistress: Annunziata Muto

Institute: ISIS L. Da Vinci, Florence

Headmaster: Marco Paterni

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