Elog 2 – Remote monitoring unit

Elog 2 has been designed to monitor water consumption and extraction. The device runs on 230 VAC and is powered by a backup battery to ensure uninterrupted operation in the event of a mains outage, or alternately by a battery pack the guarantee independent operation for a year.


The control unit features various inputs, and an integrated GPRS modem provides for data and alarm transmission. The device has enough storage capacity to retain readings for more than fifteen days. If data transmission to the control centre fails, the device keeps trying to update data on the following days.

Elog H2O – Remote water consumption monitoring

Elog H2O is a remote meter reading and monitoring device for water consumption and grid pressures. Its features include reading, storing, validating various types of data to the software of the supervising entity or the person on call from the manager’s organisation. Data include: consumption, flow rates, pressures, levels, water extraction and releases, along with any alarms. The peripheral device can also receive a remote configuration based on thresholds and values to be complied with (such as the data record of the plant and relating sensors or the limit value in force denoting compliance with the minimum vital outflow threshold).


Elog H2O is available in three versions with different power supply options:

  • Elog H2O 230V: powered by electric power with a backup battery to ensure uninterrupted operation in the event of a temporary mains outage;
  • Elog H2O Battery: powered by battery for the event of a mains outage;
  • Elog H2O 12V: powered by a low voltage source, typically solar panels, to ensure uninterrupted monitoring




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