Remote monitoring of the Water Distribution Grid

The number of pipes that make up a Water Distribution Grid is hard to measure. Each maintenance operation introduces changes to the grid. This makes management more and more complicated and increases the likelihood of hidden leaks, resulting in economic loss or disruptions in service for customers. To solve these problems, CPL CONCORDIA has developed monitoring systems that are easy to install and maintain, provide alerts to potential leaks and automatically notify abnormal events affecting the grid to ensure prompt troubleshooting.


CPL CONCORDIA’s devices have been designed to support Distribution Grids that require accurate monitoring and management of water consumption, grid pressure and possible leaks. They include:

  • Elog H2O: remote monitoring system for water consumption and grid pressures

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The services for remote monitoring and control of water consumption dedicated to Distribution Grids are based on software products installed at CPL’s data centre and allow for the following activities:

  • Consumption monitoring
  • Alerts and consumption monitoring
  • Leak detection

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The remote monitoring software products developed by CPL can be installed at the customer’s facility to ensure accurate monitoring of consumption and plant operation, in order to identify any leaks or abnormal consumption and alert maintenance technicians immediately.

  • PRESIDIO: complete software for monitoring the whole gas distribution grid, also when subdivided into sections, to identify any leaks by analysing grid pressures and flow rates.

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