Presidio – Control, supervision and data acquisition software

Presidio software is responsible for supervising the operating status of the gas and water distribution grids and technological systems for production companies to monitor any energy carrier. A modern, functional web-based interface enables access to data from any device connected to the Internet.


The software allows for the monitoring and control of electronic equipment of different types and brands to be able to import and manage data related to gas consumption, odorizzante iniettato e misurato, pressioni e temperature del gas, livelli dei serbatoi di odorizzante, tensioni di cathodic protection, water, electricity, thermal consumption. Such broad range of data available to analyse makes it possible to monitor malfunctions and waste of energy, sending alarms to personnel on call by text, e-mail or voice calls.

E-GRF Monitor – Software for the remote monitoring of GRFs

EGRF Monitor is the application software dedicated to remote meter reading and monitoring of grid pressure by means of E-GRF devices. It has been designed to ensure compliance with regulation UNI/TR 11631 for the calculation of grid efficiency. The software is also available in a SCADA version and can manage single-pressure and dual-pressure devices. Several access profiles dictate which grids or devices each user can view or modify, to enhance user-friendliness for grid administrators and management engineers.


The main features of the software are:

  • Display of the state of all grids assigned to Customer
  • Display of the state of all peripheral devices assigned to grid
  • Display of the data log of the device
  • Management of special maintenance operations
  • Detailed grid reports
  • Calculation of grid efficiency

EdorCentral – Software for remote reading of Edor 2 control units

EdorCentral is the Windows application software for complete remote reading of peripheral devices Edor 2. Its main interface displays a list of the configured peripheral devices with the latest input data and relating diagnostics to show the operating state of all devices and ofthe peripherals under alarm, pre-alarm or failed communication condition.


The remote reading feature allows for device data to be received, stored and displayed in chart or table format. Data that can be read remotely and exported to spreadsheets compatible with Excel include odourant rate, relating diagnostics, gas temperature and GSM field measurement.





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