E-GRF – Remote monitoring of final reduction units

E-GRF is the ATEX-certified remote monitoring device for monitoring signals in the final reduction units. Its basic functions allow for steady monitoring of digital and analogue signals, sending daily reports and impromptu alarms. Analogue inputs monitor pressures, whereas digital inputs let user check the clogging rate of filters and component blocks. Display and front keypad board let user view instant data and active alarms, so that no software or PC are needed for monitoring.


Data and alarms are sent via the incorporated GPRS modem to the control centre of CPL CONCORDIA to be published on the Web or in customer’s proprietary software. Battery power supply and compact size make it suitable for installation directly in a dangerous zone 1.


Edor 2 – Remote odourant monitoring system

Edor 2 is a remote monitoring system used as a fixed detection station to monitor the rate of odourisation of natural gas. This system is ATEX certified for zone 1. It takes periodic measures in the grid to detect the instantaneous odourisation rate (mixture of mercaptans, tetrahydrothiophene and ethyl mercaptans) and sends it via the incorporated GPRS modem. It can be installed directly in the dangerous zone, inside the final reduction units.


The electronic control unit sends the measurements made by the system to the data centre via an incorporated remote communication device (modem). The modem sends the data directly to the manager of the gas distribution grid via a text message, so that the odourisation state of the grid can be monitored and recorded in a proprietary software without the involvement of personnel. The system provides for periodic self-calibrations by its Sampling System, otherwise it requires periodic manual calibrations.


EDOR2 can alert the competent personnel on call immediately by text, if measurements are found to be above or below the thresholds. The electronic control unit is powered by a battery and need not be connected to the power mains.






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