RTU 230 Full – Remote monitoring of gas stations

RTU 230 Full is a remote monitoring device for gas stations equipped with multiple digital and analogue inputs with selectable independent alarm thresholds, data storage capabilities and text alerts to personnel on call.


The control unit operates on 230Vac and features a rechargeable battery to guarantee alarm signalling even during a power outage. Expandability is ensured thanks to expansion modules with analogue or digital I/O, which can be integrated into the device.


The incorporated GSM/GPRS modem can be integrated with an Ethernet module with IEC 60870.5.104 protocol. It can interface with injection systems to control their key parameters remotely and change their operating state, as well as with SNAM gas volume converters to read the volume of gas passed through.

Elite Gas – Remote grid monitoring

Elite Gas is a remote monitoring device. Easy to install, it monitors all parameters of a gas grid, i.e. stations, final reduction units and remote consumption reading. Data are stored and transmitted remotely via the in-built GPRS modem. Alarms are sent directly to personnel on call and to the management software for later viewing.


Elite Gas is available in 3 versions:

  • Elite Gas 230V: powered by the mains, it provides complete remote monitoring of gas stations, monitors pressures, digital states and consumption obtained from a gas volume converters, and sends data and alarms
  • Elite Gas Battery: powered by battery, it monitors the gas consumption readings of meters or gas volume converters in areas where mains power is not available
  • Elite Gas 12V: powered by a low voltage source, typically solar panels, to monitor final reduction units where a real time connection with the monitoring software is needed

Easydor 2 – odourant injection system

Easydor 2 is the odourant injection system developed by CPL CONCORDIA to ensure a steady odourisation rate regardless of gas flow rate and type of odourant used.
The injection system is comprised of an electronic control unit and an electro-pneumatic panel that moves odourant from tank to grid.


There are different types of electro-pneumatic panels available: with single or dual injection pumps, feedback from flow switch, mass sensor or analogue level.


The system operates on 230Vac and features a backup battery to guarantee alarm signalling even during a power outage.


The following options are available for the control units:

  • 4-20mA outputs to signal odourant rate and level to remote monitoring system in station
  • GPRS modem to send alarm message directly to personnel on call or for remote meter reading
  • 24Vdc power supply for supply through solar panels or other power sources





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