Services for the remote monitoring of gas for industrial customers

CPL CONCORDIA’s services for users interested in remote monitoring for industrial customers are based on software products installed at CPL’s data centre and are available round-the-clock via the Web interface. Customers do not need to install any dedicated software products, or carry out maintenance or update the necessary servers and database continuously.


CPL guarantees the availability and operation of the Web platform, so it can monitor and manage the operating state of its plants completely independently. The Web platform can handle different types of peripheral devices: always connected, i.e. with real-time data updates, or with periodic data transmission (as is the case with battery-powered devices), and different communication channels, such as GPRS, UMTS, LTE, ADSL, LAN, and more.
The platform supports management of different types of meters and sensors, such as hour counters and gas volume converters, gas spectrometers, and other types of meters. This makes it possible to compare the data and consumption measured by the different measuring devices and identify any abnormal consumptions and improvement areas.
Thanks to the ability to handle different communication protocols, regardless of whether standard or proprietary, a single Web platform can manage several peripheral devices, also of different brands, which would otherwise need as many dedicated software products.


More specifically, the remote monitoring services dedicated to industrial customers offered by CPL include:

  • Consumption monitoring: monitoring service for gas, electricity, water and heat consumption of a manufacturing plant, to allow for an in-depth analysis of energy efficiency. Customers can perform the following operations: overview and detailed view of each individual plant, process and alarm data display, data export to chart or table.
  • Consumption alert and monitoring: this service monitors the consumption of manufacturing plants and offers customers the possibility to receive alarm or pre-alarm messages when actual consumption overshoots one or more preset consumption thresholds (balance mode), or when forecast consumption based on consumption history exceeds the set thresholds (forecast mode). Customers can perform the following operations: overview and detailed view of each individual manufacturing line, manage the personnel on call to send any alerts, display of consumption data, data export to chart or table.

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