Efor Natural Gas – Gas forecasting service

Efor Natural Gas is installed at the meter/gas volume converter end. It takes frequent readings of gas output, and sends reports and alerts to keep user constantly up to date. The device offers advanced metering functionalities, as it provides data on consumption and hourly and daily flow rates automatically and sends them to personnel on call. It also reads a value, stores it, executes the forecast (or balance) process and alerts the customer when an overshoot is detected. Efor Natural Gas interfaces with a tax calculator via different connections: pulsed digital, serial with Snam, Modbus or customised protocol.


Key features of the device are as follows:

  • Accounting for and processing of gas consumption
  • Forecast or balance mode
  • Up to 3 technicians on call can be configured for text or e-mail alerts
  • Daily report sent to technicians on call via text or e-mail
  • Text or e-mail alerts sent to technicians on call relating to alarms for expected/actual overshooting of set maximum consumption threshold and clipping below the threshold

Elite Gas – Remote grid monitoring

Elite Gas is a remote monitoring device. Easy to install, it monitors all parameters of a gas grid, i.e. stations, final reduction units and remote consumption reading. Data are stored and transmitted remotely via the in-built GPRS modem. Alarms are sent directly to personnel on call and to the management software for later viewing.


Elite Gas is available in 3 versions:

  • Elite Gas 230V: powered by the mains, it provides complete remote monitoring of gas stations, monitors pressures, digital states and consumption obtained from a gas volume converters, and sends data and alarms
  • Elite Gas Battery: powered by battery, it monitors the gas consumption readings of meters or gas volume converters in areas where mains power is not available
  • Elite Gas 12V: powered by a low voltage source, typically solar panels, to monitor final reduction units where a real time connection with the monitoring software is needed




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