CPL CONCORDIA: a Work Production Cooperative, an organisation based on the cornerstones of Work and People.

At a time when normality has adapted to new social patterns, leading each one of us to abandon our own comfort zone of small rituals and customs, we have decided to show you our “behind the scenes”: a series of everyday activities and practices that we all carry out, made possible thanks to the work of the Cooperative and its team.

We would like to show you how our organisation, with its long history and focus on the future, can be at your side in every simple daily activity, making something intangible and distant suddenly close and familiar.

#CPLOrdinaryStories are ordinary, true stories, everyday episodes interpreted by those who make the present and future of CPL CONCORDIA possible: our technicians, workers, employees, our human capital, the most precious asset we can share.


From the headquarters in Concordia to Nola, from Melegnano to Bari, from district heating sites to the dining room table, this is how our colleagues/actors went through a real digital casting process.
Countless amounts of data were exchanged between video presentations and featured images.
It was a long adventure to find our 8 presenters who, with the right spirit and a strong sense of belonging, worked together towards a single goal: to show you the roots of the history that has made CPL CONCORDIA unique for over 120 years.
A journey of passion, ideas, dedication, but above all people.

CPL CONCORDIA is the energy that improves life.
If you don’t see it, it’s because it’s there!

What goes on behind every gesture in our daily lives is our “behind the scenes”.
This is the work of CPL CONCORDIA and its Group.






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