Every day we all perform a number of daily activities and actions, including mastering fire.
All these are made possible thanks to the work of CPL CONCORDIA.


Thanks to decades of experience in the field, CPL is able to build, manage and control methane gas distribution lines and/or related reduction and metering units. The range of services that make up the supply chain is extensive: odourisation, leak detection, cathodic protection, emergency response and gas quality analysis.

In the 1970s, CPL built a storage site for methane odourants, it was the first of its kind in Italy built in compliance with specific environmental protection rules. CPL’s special vehicles make deliveries from this site to the gas distribution plants of municipalities, municipally owned companies and licensed private companies.


Our experience together with your super powers… a perfect union to master nature!


Liquefied natural gas occupies a volume that is 600 times smaller than natural gas in gaseous form. Thanks to this characteristic, LNG can be easily transported and stored. This fuel makes it possible to overcome the lack of a city distribution grid or a methane pipeline to supply users and is also used to replace traditional fuels such as heavy oils or LPG to reduce air pollution.

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants for civil use are intended for city distribution grids and buildings used for civil purposes. Thanks to the Subsidiary POLARGAS and its in-house team specialised in services related to Natural Gas or Liquefied natural Gas, CPL CONCORDIA also distributes liquefied natural gas in areas not connected to the pipeline.


We also have superpowers: we make liquefied natural gas available everywhere, even where the gas grid can’t reach!

CPL CONCORDIA, with its innovative products, services and solutions, is at the side of each and every one of us to make simple everyday tasks possible, such as travelling in the middle of the night.


Public authorities are increasingly entrusting the management of public lighting to qualified companies. CPL CONCORDIA, in addition to the construction and operation of the plants, identifies all the upgrading works that can lead to energy savings by developing a project based on two key factors: energy impact and aesthetic impact.
CPL’s offer has a number of strengths: quality of service, rational use of energy, upgrading of installations, improvement of urban heritage, continuous technical advice and reduction of climate-altering substances.


Even on the darkest nights… CPL will be at your side, accompanying you and lighting your way home!


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CPL CONCORDIA is the energy that improves life… if you don’t see it, it’s because it’s there!