Every day we all perform a number of daily activities and actions, sometimes even writing books.
All these are made possible thanks to the work of CPL CONCORDIA.


Digital Transformation is the profound transformation of organisations, from processes and information flows to business models, in order to fully seize the opportunities offered by new technologies and new media and communication channels. Through Agile Management, the digital transformation process involves the integration of digital technologies into all aspects of the business with substantial changes in technology, culture, operations and value generation.

By digitalising documents, a virtuous circle is created to share information with new interaction methods, making it available any time and anywhere by eliminating paper.


Do you care about the environment and want to write books, reports, manuals without using paper? We can help you thanks to CPLAM!


The digital aspect is a constant in the services and management solutions, especially for the Utilities market, where CPL CONCORDIA operates as a true partner in the business process through software for billing and remote meter reading. The applications and services we offer provide broad configuration and customisation options to suit the commercial needs of sales companies, and ensure that corporate processes are kept up to speed with changing regulations and market needs. Thanks to more than 20 years’ experience in the sector and the professionalism of its team, CPL CONCORDIA enables companies to focus on their core business while outsourcing their billing process.


So while you dedicate yourself to writing your autobiography, we take care of managing the billing of your customers!


The digital transformation which many companies at national level are working on provides some important benefits, such as virtualisation, i.e. the coordinated management of physical resources thanks to New Technologies and Cloud Storage, the network management of hardware and software, with a view to on-demand and pay-per-use, advantages that give a further boost to business productivity and flexibility. CPL CONCORDIA’s IT infrastructure is very varied, a hybrid multi-cloud with a set of facilities that originate within the same infrastructure and interconnect with a series of clouds under constant control, made possible by data governance, which allows the use of unique and traceable information that cannot be lost.


Don’t trust your computer to save your data… use the cloud to store your manuscript and it will be safe and tracked!

CPL CONCORDIA, with its innovative products, services and solutions, is at the side of each and every one of us to make simple everyday tasks possible, such as taking a selfie.


An ESCo (Energy Service Company) shares with the customer the advantages provided by the achieved energy efficiency and allows the certification of the savings by obtaining energy efficiency credits and heating grants. As an ESCo, CPL CONCORDIA offers companies an exhaustive service focused on energy and cost saving.

The Energy Management service allows the optimisation of energy bills, the remote management of plants by implementing predictive maintenance techniques and the resulting energy and environmental benefits. How do we do it? For more than 20 years we have been investing in finding and developing applications and services to help public and private companies achieve the cost savings and energy efficiency they need.


Are you afraid of missing out on the perfect photo because you ran out of energy? Thanks to CPL solutions, you can charge your phone battery… and those of your family!


CPL CONCORDIA has a well-structured Data Centre, the “electronic brain” of the company, which contains the business-critical data processing systems serving all offices in Italy and abroad, as well as numerous customers, partners and suppliers. This technology centre was conceived as an autonomous and stand-alone structure, which allows interconnections across the entire company perimeter: thanks to this structured network, internet data lines reach every inch of the company’s premises, thanks to the reliability and flexibility of fibre optics.

The information contained in this Data Centre is stored and replicated and allows processes, communications and services to be governed in support of any business activity. The digitalisation process and cloud technologies allow further evolution of these structures for ever greater control of data and information.


A real beating heart, a structure for managing all company information… which also means you won’t miss out on selfies with your colleagues!


Everyday, our boilers use valuable fuel to generate energy with a low-efficiency system. Co-generation was developed to eliminate such waste, achieving efficiency rates up to 94%. Co-generation is the combined production of electrical and thermal energy by means of a motor which is connected to an electrical generator, thus producing electrical energy.

The co-generator can be connected to an electrical system in several ways, including stand-alone operation, which is the simplest and most economical operation system and allows automatic start-up and shut-down of the co-generation unit and automatic switching of consumers, from the public grid to the co-generator, in the absence of the operator.


Total independence from the grid with just co-generation? It is possible!


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