Every day we all perform a number of daily activities and actions, such as cooking gourmet meals.
All these are made possible thanks to the work of CPL CONCORDIA.


Systematic leak detection in gas distribution grids is key to preventing fires and reducing consumption. Year after year, CPL CONCORDIA has been facing growing challenges in the field of grid inspection, offering cutting-edge technologies and nationwide service throughout the country.

Whenever the presence of gas is detected, a thorough inspection is performed, aimed at establishing the origin of the actual leak and its hazard level. The reports that follow each inspection activity, in addition to complying with resolution 574/13 and the CIG guidelines, are fully customisable by including additional data requested by the customer.


So you can make “explosive” meals … without any real blasts!


Liquefied Natural Gas is the most environmentally friendly and economical fuel available, reducing CO2 emissions and saving money. The use of this fuel is particularly suitable for supplying industrial sites or residential areas in locations not connected to the national transport pipelines.

Through POLARGAS, a subsidiary of the CPL Group, and a team specialising in solutions and services for Liquefied Natural Gas, CPL CONCORDIA, with its efficient logistics network, distributes liquefied natural gas throughout the country, even in areas not connected to the pipeline, making it possible to extend the network for the supply and use of methane and the construction of plants such as the one recently built in San Candido (Bolzano). LNG can be used for domestic purposes for heating rooms and daily cooking.


Become the next Masterchef while protecting the environment? With LNG it’s possible!


CPL CONCORDIA stands for expertise and quality in Oil &Gas technology: pressure reducing and metering systems, filtration and injection for natural gas, and LNG regasification are just some of the activities that characterise the sector. The range of services to complete the supply chain is extensive: odourisation, leak detection, cathodic protection, emergency response, gas quality analysis.

With the surveillance and mechanical maintenance of methane gas plants, CPL is also able to offer a wide range of software and services to manage the gas distribution grid in the best possible way, using products specifically designed for this field, creating targeted solutions for Pressure Reducing Stations and Reduction Units.


We provide the expertise and know-how, you provide the creativity!

CPL CONCORDIA, with its innovative products, services and solutions, is at the side of each and every one of us to make simple everyday tasks possible, such as heating up a pizza.


Photovoltaic technology converts solar energy into electricity cheaply and on a large scale. CPL CONCORDIA has been engaged in the design, construction and management of large roof-mounted and ground-mounted photovoltaic systems for private businesses and Public Administrations for over a decade, and guarantees the utmost reliability and energy efficiency over time.

Among other advantages, the technology allows the reduction of energy bills with the self-consumption of energy thanks to an integrated offer, from the design to the management and remote monitoring of the facilities, which includes the implementation of the turnkey plants and the careful design of the solution to achieve maximum efficiency.


So, even on days when you don’t feel like cooking, we’ll make sure you can at least use your oven!


CPL CONCORDIA, as an ESCo (Energy Service Company) is able to offer companies a complete package of activities aimed at achieving significant energy and cost savings. Thanks to an Energy Saving Service and subsequent Measurement and Verification Plans, CPL offers a totally customisable Energy Management service, in line with the customer’s needs, which can meet the set savings and optimisation targets.

Proposals to improve plants and raw material use, research and management of funding sources, design, implementation and management of works and purchase of energy carriers are just some of the activities that are included in CPL CONCORDIA’s offer.


Thanks to CPL’s services you can save money with efficient solutions and prepare a dinner for all your friends… with heated-up pizza!


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CPL CONCORDIA is the energy that improves life… if you don’t see it, it’s because it’s there!