Every day we all perform a number of daily activities and actions, such as taking a hot bath.
All these are made possible thanks to the work of CPL CONCORDIA.


District heating is a technology that allows for hot or overheated water and steam to be distributed over a network of buried insulated piping. Heat is produced centrally through high-efficiency multi-fuel systems serving households, public buildings or businesses.

CPL CONCORDIA has significant know-how in this field, as it has built plants throughout Italy, taking care of design and construction, maintenance, through to administrative management and billing.


A complete service, we provide you with everything you need to run your bath… except the rubber ducks!


A co-generation group powered by natural gas produces both electrical and thermal energy. CPL CONCORDIA has over 35 years’ experience in the co-generation sector, with more than 500 plants installed throughout Italy totalling 10 million guaranteed operating hours. Our service offer includes the design and construction of the plant and the sale of co-generation modules under the CPL CONCORDIA brand.
By combining an engine with an alternator, it is possible to transform the chemical energy fed in with the fuel, first into mechanical energy and then into electrical energy, avoiding heat lost to the outside environment, which is distributed to various channels and used as energy for heating buildings or producing hot water.


Our expertise is also at your disposal for relaxing after a busy day at work!


Energy savings and efficiency enhancement: these are the core values of CPL CONCORDIA solutions for the energy sector.
Thanks to its consolidated experience in plant management, today CPL is one of the main players in the sectors of Energy and Facility Management, Global Service, Air Conditioning and Heat Management. Heat management is the integrated management of central heating plants in both public and private buildings and involves the design, implementation, operation, control and supply of energy for the production of both hot water and heat.

The CPL CONCORDIA team provides constant support to companies for heat management and offers a comprehensive service for the operation of heating systems, characterised by quality, safety, compliance with current regulations, energy savings and environmental sustainability with a view to energy efficiency.


So you can stay in the bath for as long as you like… and stay warm!

CPL CONCORDIA, with its innovative products, services and solutions, is at the side of each and every one of us to make simple everyday tasks possible, such as getting your hair done.


Digitalisation is a constant in the energy consumption management services and the solutions offered by CPL CONCORDIA thanks to numerous billing and remote reading software.
The Business Process Outsourcing service, which is highly modular and clustered according to specific needs, allows the partner to outsource the entire billing process.

checkINvoice is the software developed for monitoring, managing and optimising economic and financial data related to energy consumption. Users can plan their future energy costs by monitoring their actual consumption without the risk of paying inaccurate bills.


Dear women and wives all over Italy, if you leave the bills to your husbands… don’t say we didn’t warn you!


With more than a decade’s experience in this field, CPL CONCORDIA offers its clients an integrated service related to photovoltaic technology: from the design to the management and remote monitoring of facilities, thanks to Contact Centre and Control Room solutions and through a widespread presence throughout the country.

Plant feasibility assessment, financial performance analysis, accurate design, turnkey plant construction, grid connection authorisation procedures and after-sales maintenance service are just some of the features that make CPL CONCORDIA’s offer unique, guaranteeing economic and environmental advantages, rapid installation and, above all, plant reliability and durability.


Did you know that thanks to green energy from renewable sources you can protect the environment while drying your hair?


Energy Management is the rational and conscious management that requires energy analysis, monitoring and optimisation. The combination of Energy Management activities allows for significant results, both at economic and managerial level, and also allows for an improvement in the culture of energy management within companies, where energy carriers are precious resources to be managed and used in a conscious and rational way.
CPL CONCORDIA has adopted this management approach which has enabled it to obtain ISO 50001 certification, which allows organisations to establish and implement systems and processes to improve their energy performance in order to reduce costs and greenhouse gas emissions.


So you can do your laundry, cook and charge your phone while you get a blow-dry worthy of a star. Why? Because we handle your loads intelligently!


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CPL CONCORDIA is the energy that improves life… if you don’t see it, it’s because it’s there!