Press Note of 12 April 2016

The students of the Istituto Superiore Galilei continue their citizenship training course thanks to the meeting with the former prosecutor of Modena, now President of the Supervisory Body of CPL CONCORDIA.

The Vice-President of CPL Paolo Barbieri, who has already been the protagonist of meetings in schools, recounted the path of the cooperative's return to the white list thanks to the commitment and courage of the members
12 April 2016 - The path of the young students of Mirandola engaged in the project "In schools are not enough, clichés are not enough" on the formation of citizens educated to a sense of responsibility and legality.

This afternoon, sixty students from the Galileo Galilei Institute reached the CPL headquarters in Concordia to meet some of the protagonists of the new course of the cooperative, after the judicial events that led to the complete renewal of the company's governing bodies. Dr. Vito Zincani, Chairman of the CPL Supervisory Board, explained how it was possible to rehabilitate the cooperative in such a short time and save numerous jobs. "To those who asked me how the transition from prosecutor to president of the CPL SB was, I replied that it seems to me that I have not changed my job," said Zincani. "Before, I carried out a function of subsequent and repressive control, intervening after an offense had been committed; Currently, I carry out preventive control aimed at creating a business that has at the same time efficiency, profitability and legality. Legality that is no longer an ethical problem but an economic one," the former prosecutor concluded. "Today, a company must demonstrate that it can stay in the market for its capabilities and competitiveness, while maintaining transparency."

CPL Vice President Paolo Barbieri presented the company with the help of video case histories: "We wanted to illustrate to the students our activities, which are recovering after returning to the white list, and show all the technological know-how that may be of interest to those who will be future technicians and engineers".
The meeting in CPL, in particular the reflections of the former prosecutor Zincani, will become part of a video – which will be presented in May in the Region – containing the contributions collected in recent months by the students, as a synthesis to promote a civil conscience in young citizens.