Work on the new water reservoir in San Ferdinando di Puglia has been completed

The Apulian Aqueduct and the Municipality of San Ferdinando will be able to use a new 6000 cubic meter tank of drinking water entirely designed and built by CPL CONCORDIA

San Ferdinando di Puglia (BT) - Work has come to an end on the new infrastructure, designed and built on behalf of Acquedotto Pugliese SpA by CPL CONCORDIA, which will distribute drinking water to the entire town of San Ferdinando di Puglia.

On 15 September, the work was visited by a delegation led by the President of AQP, Simeone Di Cagno Abbrescia, and the Mayor of San Ferdinando di Puglia, Salvatore Puttilli.

"With this realization, our multi-service company confirms its high-level experience among national players in the water sector", was The comment of the President of CPL CONCORDIA Paolo Barbieri. "We are closely monitoring the opportunities in the field of the entire integrated water cycle and envisage new developments, particularly in the private sector."

The water tank consists of two covered storage tanks with a maximum capacity of 6000m3 of drinking water and a manoeuvring chamber located centrally to the tanks. The entire structure, partially underground, has a square shape on a side equal to 42 meters in length, made of reinforced concrete cast on site.

CPL has taken care of all the planned works ranging from excavation and excavation works, to carpentry works, to finishing and detail construction work, to the Construction of all the aqueduct networks inside and outside the tank, until the installation of the Regulator and control equipmentof Electrical and special systems, including the implementation of the complex automation that will make the operation of the tank completely manageable remotely. A hydroelectric turbine has also been installed inside the manoeuvring chamber which, by exploiting the hydrostatic load of the water entering the tank, is capable of producing up to 25 kW of electrical power.

"A source of pride for Acquedotto Pugliese, The work represents a construction excellence in the region capable of combining cutting-edge technical and engineering solutions with architectural beauty that distinguishes it, which is not common for structures with the specific intended use", explained the Head of CPL's Bari Office Raffaele Rammaro and the Project Manager Fedele Zitoli, which followed and coordinated all the construction phases of the new tank. "The system of overpasses, walkways, stairs and parapets was made of GRP (glass fibre reinforced plastic) material in order to eliminate corrosive and oxidative phenomena. All the flooring and walls of the tanks have been vitrified with special resins, certified for contact with drinking water, making them completely waterproof, thus avoiding future maintenance over time. The external stone cladding, of the dry stone wall type laid on the walls, make the new structure completely integrated and contextualized in the Apulian territory."