Two thousand new trees in Concordia and San Possidonio thanks to CPL CONCORDIA

Concordia-San Possidonio, 21 April 2022 – The project carried out between November and February in the municipalities of Concordia sulla Secchia and San Possidonio was inaugurated today, leading to the planting of 2,000 young trees, thanks to the support of the multi-service energy cooperative CPL CONCORDIA as part of the "Earth Care - our Present for Future" program which the company created in 2020 with the total commitment of 6000 plants. The urban forestation intervention is part of Mosaico Verde, the national campaign conceived and promoted by AzzeroCO2 and Legambiente with the aim of redeveloping the Italian territory and protecting existing forests.

The event was attended by Luca Prandini, Mayor of Concordia, Carlo Casari, Mayor of San Possidonio, Paolo Barbieri, President of CPL CONCORDIA, and Nicola Merciari, Sales Manager of the Sustainability Area of AzzeroCO2.

The project specifically involved 3 areas owned by the Municipalities of Modena which are located in Via Mainza in Ponte Rovere in San Possidonio, in Via Valdisole in the hamlet of Fossa - where the wildlife oasis of the same name is located - and the site in front of the Zanoni di Concordia Secondary School.

The areas are characterized by being located in different contexts; in particular, the intervention in the area near the Zanoni schools, and overlooking a playground, initially required a reclamation of the land from construction scrap which was followed by the planting of plants that will help make this space more usable. Overall, the benefits of the interventions in the area will be many, increasing the wooded area favors the mitigation of polluting emissions and high summer temperatures, contributing, at the same time, to the protection and increase of local biodiversity that will give a positive contribution to the urban greenery of the area.

"Climate change and air pollution are two major societal problems that need to be tackled with a new approach to the economy and by implementing environmental initiatives. The reforestation intervention that CPL CONCORDA and the other partners have promoted goes in this direction and is integrated with the other tree planting activities that the Administration is pursuing through adherence to the regional campaign "Let's put down roots for the future". We will have a Concordia with more trees and more greenery for the benefit of future generations of Concordians."

The Municipality of San Possidonio, sensitive to environmental issues, promptly adhered to the proposal of AzzeroCO2 to participate in their project as part of MOSAICO VERDE, providing an area to carry out a new forestation intervention. We would therefore like to thank AzzeroCO2 for their involvement and CPL CONCORDIA for their financial commitment to the project, as they have made it possible to implement interventions of this type in the municipal area, which have been set among the priority objectives to help mitigate the effects of air pollution and climate change.

To ensure the biodiversity of the project and its rapid rooting, several native species were used, consistent with the climatic conditions of the area, including ash, oak, field maple, as well as shrub species such as plum and dog rose.

CPL CONCORDIA's support in the planting of these 2000 trees on the days of the cooperative's 123rd birthday is part of the broader project "Earth Care - our Present for Future" created to pursue a dual objective: its commitment to the present for a better future, a gift for everyone's future. In 2021, the first 2000-plant intervention was inaugurated in Municipality VIII of Rome, in 4 areas with high population and traffic density.

"The Cooperative's commitment represents a great opportunity to contribute to the protection of environmental values and has provided for the planting of 6,000 trees over the three-year period, in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda," underlined the President of CPL CONCORDIA Paolo Barbieri.

"Thanks to the collaboration with AzzeroCO2, with the Earth Care project, the company's goal is to develop different wooded areas that can contribute to the mitigation of the effects generated by pollution, the protection of citizens' health and the improvement of the landscape of the areas concerned. In addition, the proximity of these areas to our operational headquarters testifies to the attention and proximity to the territories in which we operate and in which our members live and work."

The Green Mosaic campaign – which includes the forestation intervention of the 2 municipalities of Modena – was born in 2018 with the aim of facilitating the meeting between the needs of local authorities to recover green areas and the willingness of companies to invest resources in the creation or protection of permanent forests, as a measure of Corporate Social Responsibility.

A peculiarity of the Modena project involves the maintenance of these green areas by the company Onyva, a social cooperative that deals with the reintegration of disadvantaged people into work and which already collaborates with CPL in the IT and digitization sectors.

"Alongside CPL CONCORDIA, we continue to pursue our mission to protect and increase green areas throughout the country. These are urgent action to mitigate the effects of the climate crisis, reduce pollution and increase the well-being of local communities," he said Nicola Merciari Sales Manager of the sustainability area of AzzeroCO 2 - The initiative is part of the European project 'LIFE Terra' which sees Legambiente as the only Italian partner and of which we are supporters, a concrete example of how the synergistic work between different realities allows us to restore value to our territories and deliver to citizens places that can be used in contact with nature".