Solidarity Easter also in 2021 for CPL CONCORDIA Members

After the 600 doves donated in 2020 to associations on the front line of the Covid 19 emergency, this year CPL CONCORDIA's solidarity will be donated to ABE, an association that supports families with children suffering from leukemia. The basket prepared by CPL for the 570 members throughout Italy will contain, together with the traditional bottle of sparkling wine, a chocolate egg resulting from a donation to ABE, Associazione Bambino Emopatico di Brescia, a volunteer organization that provides help and support to families with children suffering from serious illnesses. The idea of the contribution to ABE was suggested by a member of CPL who, with his family, was able to experience the importance of comprehensive assistance provided by the association that since 1981 It is at the side of children suffering from leukaemia, tumours, immunodeficiencies and chronic haematological diseases, offering support and comprehensive assistance to families.

"Health, safety and psychophysical integrity represent an inestimable value for the Cooperative to be preserved and protected", underlined the Vice President of CPL CONCORDIA Samuele Penzo, "which is why we have opted for this small gesture of solidarity towards a volunteer reality that puts people at the center and works to instill serenity and courage".

"We are gratified to know that ABE remains in people's hearts, and that they in turn become spokespersons for our work outside the borders of Brescia," said ABE President Luciana Corapi. "I would like to sincerely thank Mirko, a member of CPL and a direct witness of our mission, and especially the vice president Penzo and CPL CONCORDIA for choosing, with their contribution to our Easter Campaign, to be at the side of ABE, thus expressing the desire to embrace our children who struggle every day even from afar."