Smart Billing & Customer Care: CPL CONCORDIA presents CRMission

On May 10 at the Microsoft House in Milan, the Emilian multi-utility company illustrates the potential of CRMission, a new CRM on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform used as an international standard for customers in the gas and electricity market

The gas and electricity markets are facing a phase of great evolution in which there is increasing regulatory and technological complexity. To cope with this scenario, CPL CONCORDIA, a multi-utility company based in Emilia Romagna with 60 years of experience in the Utilities sector, has designed CRMission, a Customer Relationship Management based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and specialized for utilities.

The new CRM will be presented for the first time during the " Smart Billing & Customer Care" workshop, scheduled for May 10 in the futuristic setting of the Microsoft House in Viale Pasubio in Milan.

The event also aims to guide Utilities towards Smart innovation through constant technical-regulatory updating, in particular for IT and accounting systems integrated with BILLING, CRM, Sales Contact Center, WEB Services and Margin Control on Gas and Electricity, through Microsoft's advanced technological platforms.

A section of the workshop will be dedicated to an in-depth analysis of the world of IT Services for Utilities and the interaction with VAS (Value Added Services) and IOT, given that the major players in the sector are also structuring themselves to offer additional services on boiler maintenance, energy monitoring and other services.

Another distinctive aspect of the meeting will be the presentation of the outsourcing services offered by CPL regarding consumption verification, invoicing, credit management, call center, regulatory compliance and operations typical of the energy market that can be customized to the organizational needs of each company.

Advice will be provided on the regulatory framework that from 1 March 2017 imposes on Communication operators the obligation to register with the ROC for all Call Center services.

Specific interventions are also planned regarding the evolution of the regulatory framework and the impact on IT systems (SII and TIF), the reform of electricity tariffs, the Tutela Simile on the free electricity market, the trend and expectations on the trend of raw material prices in the national electricity and natural gas markets.

The future of CRMission is already mapped out and, after the world of gas and electricity, the water market will also be the protagonist.