Shareholders’ meeting approves the 2022 operating budget

A year marked by revenue and profit growth, constant optimization of current operations, and support for investment and digitalization to further strengthen CPL CONCORDIA's role as a strategic company in the country's energy transition.

  • Consolidation and growth in traditional activities: Heat Management Services, Global Energy Service, Energy Plant Construction, Cogeneration, Public Lighting, Natural Gas, Billing and LNG
  • Focus on new trends Hydrogen, Photovoltaics and Biomethane. on which the company is playing a primary activating role at the national level, including by enabling client companies for public funds, PNRR in particular
  • Hiring campaign for 150 new hires In connection with the increase in the order book
  • Commitment to sustainability toward the UN 2030 Agenda targets

A consolidated value of production of 366 million euros in 2022, up from 315 million in the previous year, with EBITDA of 29.3 or 8 percent (up from 25.4 mln in 2021), a more than doubled profit (rising from 3.6 million in 2021 to 7.5), and a Debt/Ebitda ratio of 1.1x are the results of the CPL CONCORDIA Group.

The shareholders' meeting of CPL CONCORDIA, a multiservice cooperative group active in traditional and renewable energy, today approved the statutory financial statements for the year 2022, with strongly positive results:

  • PRODUCTION VALUE at 328 mln, up 13.1 percent from 290 mln in 2021;
  • EBITDA: 24.8 mln corresponding to 7.6% (had been 20.7 mln in 2021 corresponding to 7.1%);
  • INVESTMENTS at 11.9 mln of which 5.4 mln is in the Heat Management business, 2.3 mln for Application Programs and 0.6 mln in Information Security and Digital Transformation.
  • NET PROFIT 6.3 mln compared to 1.2 mln in 2021;
  • Debt/Ebitda: 1.26x (1.43x in 2021).

Paolo Barbieri, president of CPL CONCORDIA, comments:

"The year 2022 was marked by negative exogenous events that were also impactful for our company, such as the outbreak of war in Ukraine and the exponential increase in the cost of energy carriers. All of us had to deploy new, innovative solutions that were essential to deal with an environment that was changing at unprecedented speed, but we managed to close a positive balance sheet, better than our initial expectations, thus enabling us to also recognize a higher Ristorno to members than the previous year, and to them goes our heartfelt thanks."

Investment in staff training plans increased to 1.8 million euros (+6.8%), corresponding to 41,533 hours for 1,219 courses activated (+54%). Through CPL Academy, courses were organized and a total of 27 scholarships and awards were distributed to deserving young people. The corporate welfare plans adopted enabled the distribution of more than 800,000 euros to members and employees. The acceleration of the energy transformation processes on all industrial and Public Administration spheres today leads CPL CONCORDIA to define a new and ambitious recruitment plan for 2023, which envisages the entry of 150 new resources compared to the 1471 units present as of 12/31/2022.

CPL CONCORDIA implements, according to the principle of "Life-enhancing energy," its Strategic Sustainability Plan systematizing all initiatives into an organic program of goals, actions and timeframes, declined into: good health, quality education, gender equality, renewable energy, decent work, economic growth, sustainable consumption and life on earth, contributing to the improvement of the indicators and targets that constitute the 17 SDGs of the agenda UN 2030.

Pierluigi Capelli, General Manager of CPL CONCORDIA, comments:

"The results approved today reward the expertise, efforts, dedication and passion of our members and employees. Today CPL has healthy balance sheets and further strengthened know-how, elements that enable it to face the markets with full awareness of its potential.

We will try to make the most of the opportunities offered by PNRR, giving ourselves growth targets while respecting budget indicators and combining, at the strategic level, our new industrial plan with our sustainability plan: a single strategy will unite, in an organic way, our goals."