School-business collaboration becomes “energetic”

At the Corni Institute in Modena, a series of meetings on energy technologies in the world of Utilities, organized by CPL CONCORDIA for students in the fifth grade, as part of the collaboration between schools and companies

Modena, 23 May 2017 – The encounter between school and business "creates energy": at the Istituto Superiore Corni in Modena, the Fifth Classes of the Electrotechnics and Energy courses benefited from the "in the field" experience of CPL CONCORDIA technicians in the Utilities and energy sector, in particular for the topics of electricity and gas metering and distribution, cogeneration and trigeneration.

For the Emilian multi-utility, the initiative is part of the collaboration with the schools of the Province of Modena in the perspective of a School-Work Alternation, which has become a legal obligation for high school students.

In the classroom the students were able to listen to and question CPL experts on the latest technological innovations in electronic electricity and gas meterson Remote management of the metering units and the software related to the distribution and sale of electricity, gas and water etc., activities that are constantly changing due to the evolution of technical, fiscal and legislative standards oriented towards the free market.

In addition With the help of models brought to the classroom and commented videos, the students entered the "beating heart" of high-efficiency cogeneration engines, while CPL Service technicians explained innovations that enable schools, industries and hospitals to be more efficient in their energy use, thus reducing air pollution while producing heat, cold and electricity with trigeneration.

"We have tried several times to understand how to updating our school curricula by making them as appropriate as possible to the needs of the territory: together with CPL CONCORDIA this has been possible for the Electrical Engineering and Energy classes thanks to a which enabled students and teachers to become aware of the state of the art in the field of energy supply and which gave them a concrete indication of the professional figures involved in Energy Management", commented Prof. Elisabetta Grani, contact person for the School-Work Alternation of the Corni Technical Institute. "Given the success of the initiative, our intent is to continue the collaboration to allow students to achieve not only knowledge but real skills in their field of specialization, thanks to the experience and expertise that CPL CONCORDIA technicians are able to transmit."

"We enthusiastically accepted Corni's request to offer future graduates a 'taste' of the skills needed to enter the world of utilities and energy," he explained Ing. Giuseppe Bandini, member of the board of CPL CONCORDIA. "The guys are very down-to-earth, interested in energy saving and the environment, and often provide interesting ideas to us who measure ourselves with technological innovations every day. It is in this spirit of mutual enrichment that CPL has decided to collaborate with various High Schools and Universities, to make its entrepreneurial know-how available to the territory and have further stimuli to innovate".